The Course

Dive into the captivating world of oil portraiture with this hands-on demonstration designed to elevate your painting skills! Whether you're a budding artist with a passion for capturing human essence or a seasoned painter aiming to refine your technique, this course will guide you through the nuanced process of creating expressive portraits.

Note that this is a recording of a live painting demonstration which includes questions and comments from the audience.

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Your instructor - Henry Stinson

Henry Stinson, a renowned artist and educator, has dedicated his life to the world of art, nurturing budding talents and crafting mesmerizing works of art. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, he was drawn to the four seasons and vibrant community of the Pacific Northwest. This love for the region and a passion for outdoor painting brought him back to the place he now calls home.

With over three decades of experience as an artist, Henry's journey in art education began at Washington State University, where he embarked on his creative path. His formal training continued at the Art Institute of Seattle, but it was his four years of intense apprenticeship with Russian impressionist painter Ron Lukas that truly shaped his artistic vision.

Henry Stinson has left an indelible mark as an educator, teaching the intricate arts of drawing and painting for more than 35 years. His career has spanned various colleges and privately owned institutions, impacting countless aspiring artists. His unique gift lies in his ability to convey practical knowledge and inspire students to create vivid and captivating art on canvas.

The Set Up

What you will see.

Split screen includes the canvas, palette and a reference image of the model.

Q and A

Includes Q and A with Henry.